Advice for dating a virgo man

Just be honest about your strengths and let him know you're willing to work on your weaknesses. Excessive displays of "personality" may ultimately lead him to think you're pretentious.What he's really looking for is a steady partner with real depth.But, of course, if you play the right cards, you can win the heart of your Virgo man and also keep it.Unfortunately, it is very difficult to guess what is going on in the Virgo man's head as he projects a cool exterior. Once, you succeed in doing it, you can look forward to a steady and long-lasting relationship, with no dearth of passion! He's the epitome of emotional self-restraint, and will take his sweet time getting to know you.He'll be wary of instant bonding and may come across as all business at first.The first and most difficult step on the path to romance is getting this man to notice you, but it's crucial if you hope to make him fall in love.Appearance is important for attraction in general, but a Virgo man places a great deal of value on his partner's appearance.

Remember that the Virgo male is more attracted to intelligence and cleanliness than your sex appeal.Virgo is not the guy to go to when you need to cry on someone's shoulder, and he's not enticed by the "helpless female" act.He prefers a partner who shares his analytical approach to life.It's best not to ask him if he's enjoying being with you, since that gets on his nerves. He's not impressed by elaborate hair-dos that defy gravity and smell toxic.He prefers the natural in all things, to the chemical-synthetic.

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