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Hela Miyo is a great place for unique poses (male, female and unisex) for all the photographers based on RL. You can even use the handy public photo studio to try things out.

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) And finally, to the adults reading this to discover what they've been missing: Apologies, but Snapchat will show you things—like what you'd look like as a glasses-wearing chihuahua—that you'll never unsee.This show has great female protagonists and Steven has a lovable personality. They work as grounds keepers at a park with their boss Benson and a wide array of unique characters. This shows wide range of interesting and unique characters is what gives this cartoon it's charm. Plus there are some Sci-Fi and Supernatural events to keep the show interesting. The instinctual attention shift to motion is a remnant of the days when we needed to quickly notice a snake in the grass and other forms of looming danger or potential prey (you can decide into which category the snake belongs).(More about top­–down and bottom–up processing in our class on User Interface Principles that Every Designer Should Know.) On a web page, the periphery generally includes any areas outside the F-shaped pattern of reading.

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Movement in a person’s peripheral vision triggers a stimulus-driven shift in visual attention and is an example of bottom–up processing.

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