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I might draw the conclusion that my opener could be better, however: Seattle: 36/100.It performed slightly above average in a major city that didn’t make Match’s list.According to these measures, New Orleans is the best place for singles, followed by Austin, Las Vegas and New York.This being the era of Facebook and Twitter, it only makes sense that online dating has become one of the main sources for meeting new people.The Travel Leisure list looked at how open people were to meeting new singles, whether they be at boutique hotels, in coffee shops, on mass transit, or in bars.The study also considered the diversity of each of its 20 highest-ranked cities were.The opener I used for this experiment: Let’s run away together.

For those hoping to increase their probability for finding their forever mate, the key may be location, location, location. The Census does not ask about sexual orientation.) These are just two scenarios for lovelorn singles. (Take the quiz here.) Don’t miss: Rich women like rich men, and rich men like slender women Whether or not you actually want to move after taking the quiz is another story.Wondering where can you find the most singles looking for love online? Dating site has used data on online activity between June and August to rank the top 10 cities for online dating in the U. (Fun fact: according to, Labor Day "is historically one of the most active days online.") Check out which cities made the list in the slideshow below. cities have taken to e-dating--and which are hesitant?So I messaged 500 women (100 each in five different cities) and kept track of the response rates in each city.The study by Match takes into account more than response rate, but the number of replies you receive to your messages is certainly a strong barometer as far as how online dating-friendly a particular place is.

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The results, some of which may surprise you, are based on usage data collected from Are You and from a survey of 500 fans of the Are You Interested Facebook page.

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