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Big fan, I'm gonna do it." I walked up to them and was like "Hey, Mr. Great to meet you." And he goes, "Yeah, Beau, we've met before. Our show had aired like three times or something, and I was buying something, and my credit card did not work. Like one's an orca whale, and one is the Space Needle, and they're pretty cool, so I brought those back to LA.

He says he hopes to release the entire series at once to allow people to watch it in one sitting or to view episodes multiple times to catch all the ways that the many characters are connected. "Ten or 15 years ago it would have been an independent film, but nowadays there is no shortage of places to show and tell your stories.Beau: I went to a girlfriend's house to see her parents and have dinner. I must have been in like 9th grade or something, and they were serving spaghetti, and I am not the cleanliest eater. We were sitting there, and it was a really long movie. "Beau: I was at an event, and all the cast of *Desperate Housewives *was there, so Felicity Huffman, her husband is William H. Maybe he was messing with me, and I just didn't know how to react because he was like, "Call me Bill." I would have remembered. " I said "Yeah," and she was like "My mom wants to take a picture with you." So I said OK. So, I get told often I look like a couple different celebrities, and the cashier said "Do you know who you look like? She was picking out scarves, and she asked "Which one do you like? " I never forget it because I got the haircut again. I was a theatre kid, so just being on stage a lot and stuff and singing and lots of times being off key and not knowing it until you get the video later. There's a lot of awkward videotape out there, let's put it that way. Well, you're in Beau: I have this old knife my dad used to use. My grandparents like collected, they've passed away now, and I took these decorative liquor bottles.I took the bite of spaghetti, and I slurped it up, and there was spaghetti sauce all over me. Macy, and to my girlfriend of the time I was like, "I'm going to go up there and say hi. I thought she was going to want to take a picture—she was probably in middle school or something—and I took a picture with her mom. Molly: I have another one though, it's pretty good. " I was like "I know, like a Kardashian or something." And she goes "That girl from Beau: Well that was after. " I chose one, and the guy was like, "I agree with your son." I just immediately, just tears, right away. He lived an hour east of LA and Pamona, and he used to go and capture rattlesnakes and kill them with this knife, and then he would like cook soups or whatever. They're empty, but they're very 70s and very weird.Because of Palos Verdes High's Southern California locale, a beachy, relaxed vibe seemed most appropriate -- "that barefoot, walking along the sand with your guitar is kind of Jake's thing," Davern says.The personal nature of his songs conjure references to one popular female singer, whose music is often fueled by personal relationships: Taylor Swift.

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Over three seasons, your character, Jenna Hamilton, has toyed with the hearts of three different guys. In past seasons, Jenna fell into the '70s and never came back.

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