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The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce Apache Calcite release 1.13.0. It includes more than 75 resolved issues, comprising a large number of new features as well as general improvements and bug-fixes.First, Calcite has been upgraded to use Avatica 1.10.0, which was recently released.I use isotopes and trace elements to address questions of age, provenance, and process. M., Sookdeo*, C., Spataro*, G., Nienstedt*, J., 2006, Calcite Cement Stratigraphy of a Non-Pedogenic Calcrete in the Triassic New Haven Arkose (Newark Supergroup): Geological Society of America Spec. One of the most fundamental problems in geology is time resolution. Pub 416: Paleoenvironmental Record and Applications of Calcretes and Palustrine Carbonates. For instance, the Druid adapter now relies on Druid 0.10.0 and it can generate more efficient plans where most of the computation can be pushed to Druid, e.g., using extraction functions. The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce further growth of its sub-project, Avatica.Avatica has been slowly growing inside of Calcite for many years (dating back to Optiq-0.4.x! The team has taken the next step to hoist the Avatica code out of the Calcite repository into its own.

Cores of peat from a Holocene wetlands system in eastern Washington show that U primarily occurs in the oxidized state in this fen system (this confirms work of Zielinski and others who used other techniques to indirectly deduce that U was oxidized).

My interest in dating sedimentary carbonates has driven me to consider the behavior of U in sedimentary environments in general. T., 2007, Nanostructure of palygorskite/sepiolite in Texas calcihe: Possible bacterial origin: Carbonates and Evaporites, v.

Work at the National Synchrotron Light Source lead to the surprising discovery of oxidized U in a calcite sample with multiple lines of evidence for reducing conditions at the time of its formation (Mc Call et al., 2001; Kelly et al., 2006). F., 2009, Synconvergent surface-breaking normal faults of Late Cretaceous age within the Sevier hinterland, east-central Nevada: Geology, v., p.

AB - Applications of Rb/Sr dating on ore deposits using common gangue minerals are tested.

The only conditions a deposit must meet are: 1) it should have minerals with a low Rb/Sr ratio, such as calcite and fluorite; 2) it should be enclosed by wall rock with a high Rb/Sr ratio.

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In this release, we have also completed the work to support the clause used in complex-event processing (CEP).

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