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One asked me to send her money so that she could get an ID to prove to me that she was legit.

There are also ladies who have boyfriends/husbands -and are in the process of separation or are even still living with them.

However, if your self-doubts are spring-up because of the way you are begin treated by your partner then you may have reasons to be concerned, as it may be signs of abuse. Your partner insists that only THEY are the victim in the relationship when they: … Apologize, but then continue to repeat the same hurtful behavior. Avoid duties, obligations, and debts and try to make them YOUR responsibility.

Many times people want to be in a relationship "so bad" that they will tolerate unhealthy and emotionally damaging abuse by their partner. Refuse to have pets or children in the home because of the mess or inconvenience. Treat their own children better than their step-children. Believe children don't deserve the level of respect or support as adults. Mirror a situation and say that you are being selfish, rude, self-centered, uncooperative and more, when they are exhibiting that behavior themselves towards you and others.…

Hence, they secretly put an ad looking for a "porener" and start dating you while asking you to buy this and that. There are some who did not even put the ad to begin with, but a friend or a relative had put it for them.It's a good thing I asked some if they could show me an ID when I invited them on a date and then they confessed that they had faked their age.Always insist on an ID and meet them in a public place.The 78-year-old, who has been writing advice columns in Cosmopolitan for over 40 years, said she is inundated with letters from women claiming they have fallen in love with someone they met over the internet.Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival, supported by the Daily Mail, she said: 'The problem with social media – and I'm not a luddite, technology is really important – but the problem is that it leads so easily to wishful thinking, and wishful thinking is two inches away from lying and lying is right next door to lying to oneself.

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