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In January 2008, two friends, Brian and Murray, decided that they had had enough of failing at trying to meet women in bars, and challenged each other to go online and date as many women as possible within a three month period. ) The women he dated were intelligent, attractive, and athletic, which was the type he was looking for. Brian had gone on 18 first dates, 14 second dates and 10 third dates in 12 weeks (almost a date every 2 days!I’m sure I could have gone for 4 times as many dates as I did, easily, as I usually had about 5-10 new emails a day from women who loved my profile.I started on the pay sites, but moved to the free ones quickly when I realized I could get equally good results anywhere on the internet, without any stress. I want to take this opportunity to give a little background as to how and why I became involved with the Happier Abroad movement and why I am so EXTREMELY passionate about it.But before I move on, I want to first introduce a critically important disclosure in case anyone gets the wrong idea about my message and what I am really about.s top leading social psychologists and relationship experts. American women as some may inaccurately conclude after reading this article.

I have repeatedly stated this fact in all my writings and my interviews on this subject.

There is always the Big Question Mark of whether this person will be right for you.

Being comfortable in this type of social situation..INTERRACIAL DATING STEREOTYPES Interracial Relationships are mainstream these days and why not?

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