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So I asked one of my buddies, “If you had to describe me to a friend, what would you say? As George Bush once said, “I’m the decider.” And that is a very nice place to be. Please know that if you purchase through the above Amazon link, Fiftiness will make a small profit from Amazon for that purchase.

It might be purely sexual, it might be friends with benefits, it might be something more than that.

Make a room pop by changing the type of wall paper or by putting a eye catching piece of furniture against the wall.

Remodeling a home can be lots of fun and getting a chance to paint the walls the way you want and doing the interior design the way you've envisioned it can be a wonderful experience.

The CJR is a dual-band, dual–phased-array, multi-mission, ship-based radar suite used for worldwide technical data collection against ballistic missiles in flight.

The USNS Howard Lorenzen (T-AGM-25) carrying the CJR radar suite will replace the current USNS Observation Island which has carried the original Cobra Judy radar system since 1982 when it entered operational service.

We recommend that you go back and give your marriage another try. e Harmony, the Great Aunt Josephine of dating sites. I was devastated, and more than a little annoyed at Aunt Jo. I was working full-time and still had a teen-ager at home. My ex still lived in the same town, and, well, it just seemed a little complicated. I’m tall and slender, with long legs (an asset) and tiny breasts (definite liability).

Decorating a home or a room can be an amazing experience.Armazém means warehouse in Portuguese, while housing is intended in the sense of guesthouse.Welcome to our decorating page, where you can spice up interior designs, and decors.You are about to learn how to become a fabulous decorator of all things girly.If you are the type of girl who enjoys designing, and remodeling things then we got quite a few decorating games you will love!

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  1. Men may claim the women are as bad but they usually complain about us playing mindgames. My advice is, if you want something serious, not only specify it in your profile essay, but also do not post any revealing photos of yourself, because that will give guys the wrong idea.

  2. Later, they might change their minds as they get older and develop their personal beliefs, as formerly abstinent celebrities like "The abstinence was just a symptom of a larger issue — the growing disparity between her religiosity and mine," he said.