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“Lost At Sea” premieres Friday, October 2 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.Brenda Song loops her arm through Dylan Sprouse‘s as they take a walk around Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (October 10).Also like his brother, he did not accept any roles during that time.However, Cole was recently cast in CW's new show Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics, and can be seen playing Jughead Jones in the near future.their personal photos to illegally surface online in a cruel invasion of privacy (the actor, at least, had a good sense of humor about it), there is something about a scandal that helps the world say, “Oh, they’re not just a Disney kid anymore.” During his transition from goofball tween to handsome young adult, the 24-year-old definitely tested the waters of dating while famous., both brothers went off to New York University and were just normal college guys.Although not much is known about their relationship, we do know that they dated for a year from 2007 to 2008. Bree Morgan — As far as anyone knows, things are still going strong between Cole and Bree.

Most recently, she announced she'd been cast in the CBS pilot Bunker Hill.In this clip for something called “Outtakes With Natalia” (Natalia, honey, you are going to get sued by “Sex and the City” for stealing their theme song), a now-grown-up and smoking hot Dylan Sprouse speaks out about why he and brother parted ways with the House of Mouse.The tl;dr is that the brothers, who were already teenagers in the later seasons of the show, eventually wanted to head off to college and hoped that they could write and produce the last season of “The Suite Life On Deck.” The twins both wanted to get involved in the production side of things, but also were interested in introducing new, younger characters and setting up a series so the cast and crew could continue working while they went off to college.According to his Instagram, he's "got a lot of things in the works for 2016." We're looking forward to seeing what he'll do next.Like his twin, Cole also attended NYU after wrapping up filming of Suite Life and graduated alongside him last spring.

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