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Instead, you can just write the more concise code below to accomplish the exact same thing: We chose the elements to find and verify any cases where you are not using HTML encoding within your application to ensure that you have the correct behavior. Text Box() helper method returns markup like usages and flags any cases it finds as an error to enforce that HTML encoding always takes place.

Once done, you’ll have a powerful scaffolding script that you can (and should) customize to meet your own development needs. For simplicity, we’ll use the Real Python boilerplate Flask structure, so just clone it down to set the base structure: This should make a copy of the Real Python boilerplate Flask structure (source) to a new directory called “new_project” (destination). If so, remove the new project since there’s still much work to be done: What if you need an app with a Mongo DB database or a payments blueprint?

Cross-site script injection (XSS) and HTML encoding attacks are two of the most common security issues that plague web-sites and applications.

They occur when hackers find a way to inject client-side script or HTML markup into web-pages that are then viewed by other visitors to a site.

The following figure shows all of the above items in the Solution Explorer.

Figure 4: Solution Explorer If you open the Employees Controller class you will see the various action methods for adding, updating and deleting employees.

Recollect that you have already designed a database table in an SQL Express database.

One way to help mitigate against cross-site scripting attacks is to make sure that rendered output is HTML encoded within a page. Encode() helper methods within these expressions to HTML encode the output before it is rendered.

Jon Smith looks at what tools there are in Microsoft's Entity Framework's Data Access technology that can deal with these requirements.

In many large-scale projects, software developers are often have to work with existing SQL Server databases with predefined tables and relationships.

Pre-existing SQL databases, particularly if complex, can often pose problems for software developers who are creating a new application.

The data may be in a format that makes it hard to access or update, and may include functions and procedures.

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In this part I will make some changes in my database and enhance my web application to interact with the database.

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