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Agency worker law refers to a body of law which regulates the conduct of employment agencies and the labour law rights of people who get jobs through them.The typical situation involves the person going to an employment agency and then the employment agency sending the person to an actual employer for proper work.In 1949, a new revised Convention (No.96) was produced.That kept the same scheme but secured an ‘opt out’ (Art. Agencies were an increasingly entrenched part of the labor market.The principal is bound by the contract entered into by the agent, so long as the agent performs within the scope of the agency.A third party may rely in good faith on the representation by a person who identifies himself as an agent for another.For example, it is unlawful to accept a job order specifying the race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (over 40) or disability status of the candidate.An employment agency may not categorize, group or classify job applicants, jobs, or employers based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (over 40) or disability status and make referrals based on the categorizations.

In the case of a corporation, since a corporation is a fictitious legal person, it can only act through human agents.

The law of agency is an area of commercial law dealing with a set of contractual, quasi-contractual and non-contractual fiduciary relationships that involve a person, called the agent, that is authorized to act on behalf of another (called the principal) to create legal relations with a third party.

Succinctly, it may be referred to as the equal relationship between a principal and an agent whereby the principal, expressly or implicitly, authorizes the agent to work under his or her control and on his or her behalf.

The International Labour Organization called for the establishment of public employment agencies in their place.

To prevent the abusive practices of private agencies, they were to be fully abolished or at least tightly regulated. Probably inspired by the dissenting judgments in a United States Supreme Court case called Adams v.

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