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You can produce Web M stream on your home computer using ffmpeg, send it to the server running stream.m, then it distrivutes to any HTML5-compatible browser.

Safari and IE has no native Web M support, but Google has a free plugin to play it.

The webcam will have a very slow upload speed, and I only want that stream to be uploaded once to a remote server on a fatter connection which then streams to the end user..

There are external steaming sites like ustream, but I'm looking for a solution that can be hosted on a standard linux server, with no outside providers required.

It doesn't appear like Quick Time or Flash really have a mechanism for this, although Quick Time does have a nice client/server bundle if the client is a Mac. Flash Media Encoder is free, for server you can use Red5 and the client is the flash player. If you feel adventurous you can check out my new, Web M-based livestreaming server, stream.m.

It is an early release but you can check it out if it suits your needs.

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