Michael angarano is dating kristen stewart

You mean, it's possible to find love after Kristen Stewart?! Four years have gone by since KStew broke Michael Angarano's heart, but the man before Robert Pattinson has finally found love again!!!Michael made it apparent that he is VERY serious about his new girlfriend Juno Temple when the two took their relationship public at Sundance Film Festival last week!Later, Rob and Kristen both reportedly moved out of the LA home they shared.

But in April, Kristen's boyfriend Michael Angarano visited her in Vancouver during filming.During an interview with critically-acclaimed actress Juliette Lewis for , the Cesar Award winner revealed how she almost lost her pals because of her boyfriend.“I got really, really famous in literally a day, it was a bit like, ‘What the f**k?’ Everyone was graduating high school and I’d stopped going, so I kind of fell out of touch with the group.I was just with my boyfriend all the time,” she said.

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