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We have covered much Reformation history with its sordid record of Roman Catholic suppression of the gospel, cruel persecution of the Lord’s people, and a fanatic and vicious clinging to the power and influence that properly belongs only to the true Head of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this section we desire to cover the theology of Rome, which the Reformers rebelled against, preached against, and exposed from the only standard of truth, the Holy Scriptures.

Before I met my boyfriend, my list of the acceptable careers paths for anyone vying for the position of 'love of my life' used to look like this: If you had told me that I would eventually be in a committed relationship with a seminarian, I would have laughed at you.

Before I met my boyfriend, you would have needed to pay a modest-to-large sum of money to get me to even set foot inside a church. Blame it on everything except my childhood exposure to Catholicism.

Others ask, Why not drop the “Reformational” and become just “Catholic”? But the united church won’t look like any of the products presently on the market.It is systematic and thorough, very readable, and powerfully convincing.What Hislop does with a historical perspective, Boettner does with a Biblical perspective.So I saw a church in Arkansas that had those beautiful stained glass windows and it was right across the street from this barber shop that had a miniature barber's chair complete with the razor strap and everything. BELIEFNET: What was that like as a little boy to be going to Baptist church there on your own? CLARK: Sure, I was always nagging my parents to come. And that was during the Vietnam War and in both cases the sermons were anti- the American military and full of wildly overstated claims about how bad the American military was. BELIEFNET: Did you go to that on your own or did your Mom go with you? My mother went a couple of times to the Emmanuel Baptist church. Gert was always of the mind that she wouldn't go to another church except the Catholic Church.

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