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Under Maryland law, the act of “grooming” — preparing a minor for sexual exploitation — constitutes a violation of the statute.In her argument against the acquittal, Karsnitz said it was up to the jury to decide whether the victim was under Martin’s care at the time of the offense.A judge acquitted a Stephen Decatur High School teacher Tuesday accused of sexually manipulating a teenage student.Facing a sole count of sex abuse of a minor, 26-year-old Austin James Martin was acquitted by circuit court Judge William Simpson on the grounds the offense did not take place while the teacher had care, custody or control of the student.

MNPS spokeswoman Ameerah Palacios said that although she doesn't have information about this particular victim, students are typically given access to counseling and referrals to health specialists in such cases.

“I no longer feel safe in the building and would like to be transferred to a different work environment where harassment/bullying is not tolerated,” Costa said in a letter to her union rep. Three students were suspended last fall after getting nabbed for stealing her smartphone.

She accused principal Steve Dorcely of a coverup by not aggressively investigating the hack and harassment involving 12th-grade students about to graduate. One theory is that someone accessed the Facebook message from that phone.

An Antioch High School science teacher was arrested and and charged with sexual battery by an authority figure Wednesday.

Jerome Dooley, 41, is accused of "touching a student on the buttocks and grabbing his crotch in front of the student," according a statement from Metro Nashville Public Schools. Dooley was released on a ,000 bond Wednesday afternoon, according Davidson County Sheriff's Office records.

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