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In 2016, the news media produced more bad writing than ever before—and faced unending pressure to produce even more of it. Because ruthless self-criticism is more interesting than triumphant chest-beating, I got 15 certified Good Writers™ to confess the worst thing they wrote in 2016.

We brought you bad journalism, bad tweets, bad takes, bad predictions—oh boy, did we make bad predictions—bad punditry, bad magazine profiles of white supremacists and all-around bad news. (This has become an annual tradition.) Culture delivered to your inbox Related: 15 writers confess the worst thing they wrote in 2015Hopefully, it'll give some insight into the insecurities even "successful" writers face. FARHAD MANJOO (@fmanjoo), The New York Times So it wasn't one single thing but one type of thing: quippy quote tweets.

Michael Mc Evoy [2017/07/05 AM, Robin Feldman on Drug Patents, Generics, and Drug Wars]: Golabki and others thanks for explaining how the US subsidizes other countr...

Simon Cranshaw [2017/07/05 AM, Chris Blattman on Chickens, Cash, and Development Economics]: This episode made me think about the line between charity and entrepreneurs...

The day will also include a discussion with Josh Hutcherson and Jake Avnet on their Indigenous Media’s Film Incubator mentorship initiative, powered by The Black List, plus the premiere of the scripted comedy series puts a fresh, new twist on Sid and Marty Krofft’s cult classic ‘70s TV series.

Starring You Tube sensations Grace Helbig as Electra Woman and Hannah Hart as Dyna Girl, the duo take their super personas and crime-fighting chops up a notch when they move from smalltown Ohio to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.

In return for braving their souls the single blokes get an all-expenses-paid trip to Fieldays and the opportunity to show themselves off to future employers, industry leaders and potential sweethearts.

The competition starts with the Mystery Race where all finalists meet at a secret location two days before the event and are paired up in campervans to complete challenges on a route to Fieldays.

In trying to come up with funny things to say on Twitter, reveling in all our hearts and RTs, some of us in the media often lost sight of any world beyond Twitter, and any mission beyond it.

By accidentally following, then un-following, then re-following a girl he was seeing on Instagram, Dewey managed to both embarrass himself and ruin a potential relationship. Though Dewey doesn’t see anything wrong with the practice — “Why would you not? “I was the only guy on set not involved in online dating.” The Hulu series, also starring Michaela Watkins and Tara Lynne Barr, marks the first foray into television for “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman.

” — the actor said that he personally isn’t a fan of dating apps. Reitman, who serves as executive producer and directed the first two episodes of the show has “remained very involved” in the series, Dewey said.

Hearts will be skipping a beat across two nations at the line-up of eight country hunks contesting the Rural Bachelor of the Year competition next month.

Pulled heart strings will not be reserved exclusively for New Zealand with two of the bachelors coming from Australia to win over the judges and woo onlookers at the National Agricultural Fieldays event at Mystery Creek in Waikato and win the coverted "Golden Gumboot".

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